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Sixers free agency and trade rumor roundup: Warriors pushing for Paul George, Clippers on clock, Brandon Ingram’s price & Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Klay Thompson latest! sixers,free,agency,and,trade,rumor,roundup,warriors,pushing,for,paul,george,clippers,on,clock,brandon,ingram,s,price,kentavious,caldwell,pope,klay,thompson,latest,liberty,ballers,front-page,nba-free-agency,76ers-free-agency-rumors-news,76ers-trade-rumors

The Sixers drafted a guard in Jared McCain in round one. McCain already seems like a lot of fun, with

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Report: Sixers’ interest in signing Clippers’ Paul George ‘has significantly waned’ report,sixers,interest,in,signing,clippers,paul,george,has,significantly,waned,liberty,ballers,front-page,76ers-free-agency-rumors-news

Well, the smoke that was surrounding Paul George and him possibly signing with the Sixers might not produce a flame.

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Report: Clippers could be ‘calling [Paul George’s] bluff’ in contract talks report,clippers,could,be,calling,paul,george,s,bluff,in,contract,talks,liberty,ballers,front-page,76ers-analysis,76ers-free-agency-rumors-news

That’s a wrap on the NBA Season, and the dreaded Boston Celtics fans get to party in the streets for

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Report: Paul George, Clippers ‘not on the same page’ with extension talks ahead of free agency report,paul,george,clippers,not,on,the,same,page,with,extension,talks,ahead,of,free,agency,liberty,ballers,front-page,nba-free-agency,76ers-free-agency-rumors-news

As we all watch in disgust as the Celtics look set to win the NBA Finals, a sliver of offseason

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